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Strongly Recommend 強力推薦 - WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY最新無線技術

Enhance your strength and endurance whilst recovering faster and avoiding injury and treating pain. The SP 8.0 is designed for those fitness professionals and athletes who practice their activity every day. The SP 8.0 is the class-leader in terms of electro-stimulation and is connectable and modular. The new MI-Autorange feature that brings you better results. Wireless features that ensure total freedom of movement.

增強你的力量和耐力,同時幫助你恢復得更快,避免受傷和治療疼痛。SP 8.0是專門為健身專家和運動員度身訂造,加強他們每天的訓練。SP 8.0在肌肉電刺激而言是先進、優越的。新的MI-Autorange可為用者帶來方便及更好的效果。無線技術令使用者擁有更自由的訓練,不受電線約束。


Compex SP 8.0 無線肌肉電刺激訓練儀

HK$12,500.00 Regular Price
HK$10,500.00Sale Price
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