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Fan, Ka Yue

Height: 171cm

2016 HKFBF Local Invitation Championship 80 KG 1st runner up

2016 Arnold Classic Amateur Hong Kong 85 KG 18th runner up

2015 世界賽 85KG 第17名

2015 Mr. Olympia Amateur Asia - Hong Kong Local Devision 85 KG Champion

2015 Mr. Olympia Amateur Asia 85 KG 4th runner up

2014 Arnold Classic Amateur USA Ohio 80 KG 21st runner up

2012 Arnold Classic Amateur USA Ohio 80 KG 8th runner up

2011 HKFBF 80KG Champion

2010 HKCBBA 85KG 1st runner up

2009 HKCBBA 80KG Champion

2008 HKCBBA 85KG Champion

2007 HKCBBA 80KG Champion

2007 Yan Oi Tong Bodybuilding Competition Guest Performer

2004 HKCBBA 80KG Champion

2003 HKCBBA 75KG 2nd runner up

2002 HKCBBA 70KG 1st runner up

2001 HKCBBA Novice 1st runner up

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